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Wedding Etiquette

~ Know Your Wedding Etiquette ~

Being a stress by itself, weddings are an event that often turns people haywire. On one hand there's a lot of alluring dreams that still have to happen in the mind of the bride and groom, on the other, if those dreams don't work out right they can create a lot of disturbances that might turn the whole cake sour. So read on...

Therefore, being a little careful about the wedding etiquettes can solve many problems up to a great degree. Below we list all the fields where people usually mess-up in their roles in a wedding. Moreover, we thought about providing the remedies to the situations as well.

Wedding Etiquette for the ...

  • Maid-of-Honor
    The maid of honor’s duty is to help the bride with her dressing and assisting with the train and the veil. She is also supposed to hold the bride’s bouquet during the ceremony. She also takes care of the grooms ring till the time the blessings occur followed by the exchange of rings. On the way to the ceremony, she must walk in front of the bride and must be with the best man during the ceremony.
  • Flower Girls
    Usually aged between four and eight years, the flower girls attend the shower and the pre-wedding parties. They also accompany the maid-of-honor in her part of responsibilities and stand near the bride.
  • Groomsmen & Ushers
    It’s the size of the wedding that determines the number of ushers who happen to be the brothers or relatives or best friends of the groom, while the Groomsmen remain in charge of helping the best man plan the bachelor party for the groom.
  • Seating arrangements at a Wedding
    Christian Ceremonies require the bride's family and guests to be seated on the left and the groom's on the right, whereas Jewish services exhibit an opposite arrangement.
  • Mother of the Bride and her Attire
    Traditionally speaking, the mother of the bride is the first to choose a dress; next, it is the responsibility of the mother of the groom. The dresses should complement each other and must suit the occasion as well. But that doesn’t mean the dresses should be of the same style and color; it’s just that the dresses should coordinate. Floor or tea-length dresses are thus considered the best. However, black is the color to be avoided if the bridesmaids are not wearing the same.

Should you choose for an "All Grown Up Reception"

Often certain wedding ceremonies are held that include only adults, but eliminating the children from the invitee list. Now, this is a tough job to do without hurting the feelings of the parents so following measures are going to prove fruitful to send the message across.

  • Be Clear
    An indication must be provided denoting the reception is meant for adults only. The words Adults Only Reception are enough to make people understand.
  • Use Tact
    Phrases like NO KIDS or NO CHILDREN must be avoided at all costs.
  • Make it Legible
    The message should remain printed on the invitation cards and must not be handwritten.
  • If there are Children
    In case someone shows up with children, it’s best to offer them a warm welcome; there’s no point in creating an unpleasant, uncomfortable situation.

Remember, it's not your day it's the Bride and Groom's day. They are under enough stress and it would be a wonderful thing if everything went as planned and all in the wedding party did their part to keep the Bride and Groom sane. Just like you would want them to do for you at your wedding.

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