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Wedding Makeup Secrets

~ Wedding Makeup Ideas ~

Weddings are memories. You want your wedding day to be amazing, everything to go as planned, guests to arrive, the food to taste great, etc.. Your pictures shouldn't be any different. Man or Woman, this is one day you want to look your best!

Let's talk the Bride

Let’s talk about make-up for the female side of the bridal party. Since the bride is the main focus of any type of wedding ceremony her make-up application is of utmost importance. Brides should choose make-up colors that consist of more neutral tones.

For example: Browns, mauves, taupe’s or some gray’s or slate colors will give a earth tone look especially to compliment blue, green, or hazel color eyes. A bride should maintain a classic look, she should focus on dramatizing or emphasizing her eye color or her lips to achieve the angelic bridal look.

(Hint) Never use blue eye shadow with blue eyes, or green for green eyes. It draws attention to the eye shadow itself, does not enhance the natural beauty of the brides eyes.

Wedding Makeup Secrets

Bridesmaids and Matron of Honor should also follow the same make-up application guidelines, but there is room for exceptions. Since bridesmaids and Matron of Honor dresses are usually brighter in color than the bride, you can be a bit more dramatic with the eyes and lip colors. But also keep your colors neutral.

Let's talk Groom and Groom's Men

Guys it’s okay to wear a bit of cover up. You wake up the morning of the wedding and discover an unwanted blemish, or due to the big night out with the wedding party you have dark circles by your eyes. Don’t be embarrassed to ask a female that you trust to dab a bit of foundation under the eyes or to cover up the pimple. Nobody will ever know!

Manicures and Pedicures

Assuming the bride is wearing a white or a near white wedding dress, she should choose a subtle nail polish for both fingernails and toenails. The French manicure (pale pink or clear polish on nail bed with white tips) gives a fresh clean look on either short fingernails or long. The American manicure (clear polish on nail bed with pale pink tips) can also be a good choice.

(Hint) Have your manicures and pedicures done the night before your wedding ceremony, this allows you plenty of drying time. The last thing you want to concern yourself with the day of your wedding ceremony is wet fingernails and toenails. Bridesmaids and matron of Honor have a bit more leeway, again, wearing dresses that are pinks, reds, purples or mauve you can choose a polish that is a lighter shade than your dress.

For Example: An American manicure: A clear polish on the nail bed with a pale lavender tip would go nicely with a plum colored dress. This also goes for the guys, it’s okay to have a basic (clear polish) manicure. Or an alternative to polish would be to use a buffer to smooth the nail leaving a natural shine. Well groomed hands are just as important to the men as they are to the ladies.

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