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Wedding favors

~ Appreciation through Wedding Favors ~

A wedding favor is a perfect way to show how much you have enjoyed the presence of your near and dear ones on the special eve of your wedding. There are wide selections of good quality, and varied gifts that can be given to the guests and you can add you own special touch by personalizing each of them with a unique engraving.

Wedding favors come not only in huge varieties but all have large discounts also and this makes the gifts to be more affordable.

Wedding favors can have a huge number of categories. They can be Asian Wedding favors, bath and soap favors, bells wedding favor, bubble wedding favors, candle favors, edible wedding favors, silver wedding favors, gifts for winter, wines are a few among the innumerable other gifts that can be given. One can be as innovative as possible and these gifts irrespective of the size are indeed able to reflect the emotion of the person who gives and also the one who receives.

Candle Wedding Favors

The candle wedding favors are really beautiful as there are a variety of shapes, flavors and colors of candles available. These are also very romantic. Candles come in shapes like the pea-pod, candles in the wine glasses, calla lily bouquet candles, snowflake candles and also candle holders, wedding cake candles, heart shaped candles and many more. These can come in prices as low as $0.89 to $45.

Gardening and Seed Favors

There are also garden wedding favors that stand as an insignia of a relationship that will grow with the passage of time. There are edible seeds also and they come in uniquely sealed packages and this is really a perfect memento for your guests. Memories are kept alive with each passing day. These seeds also come in a variety of flavors sealed and packed into tiny airtight tins with the description of the product and also the instructions as to how to go about growing it.

There are also the lucky bamboo sticks that are braided into beautiful patterns. These sticks are arranged in groups that are made to grow till a certain height. These can also be found grouped together with the help of rubber bands with stones at the bottom to hold them. Besides bamboo you can also give away bonsai figurines, decorative stones, pots and vases and the money tree bonsai.

Wine Wedding Favors

The wine wedding favors are inclusive of different shapes of wine stoppers. These can be heart shaped ones and adorned with different metallic designs. Wine favors may also include coasters that have beautiful and colorful prints on them. There are also the wine bottle cork screws that are heart shaped and these look really nice.

Shows Your Gratitude

Wedding favors can vary in shapes sizes and prizes but the emotion with which it is gifted remains the same. It is the joy of sharing the happy occasion with friends and relatives and a small way to show how precious they are to you. You can add those special touches by engraving your name on the gifts. Even a small note attached with it adds to the joy.