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Romantic Events

~ Romantic Ideas for Events ~

These are a list a romantic events. Just remember that romance is very subjective, and, really, any situation is what you make of it. Use your imagination.

When choosing events use discretion. Really put a lot of thought into it. If going to an event, choose one that will help to set a romantic mood.

Example: Monster Truck Show

This event can be a lot of fun, but it is probably not an ideal event to use for setting a romantic mood. Generally an event such as this is very loud and may set an aggressive and possibly destructive mood.

Try to choose an event that will be relaxing and stimulating (not boring) at the same time. Make sure the event will also allow you to have alone time with your partner.

Warm Embracing Split Shank Diamond Engagement Ring

Here are some romantic event ideas.

  • Resort or bed and breakfast
  • Ice show or winter festival
  • Plan a cruise
  • Hot air balloon ride
  • Orchestra
  • Opera
  • See a play
  • Ballet
  • Carnival
  • Festival
  • Camping
  • Planetarium
  • Museum
  • Second honeymoon

Final Thoughts

Romance is a very subjective subject. Many people have their own ideas. Though the monster track show might not fit into most people's idea of a romantic idea, some might like it. If you're both into sports, why not go to a baseball game. Most of the time the stands are rarely full. Get some seat that up high, a place where you can stretch your feet, eat whatever, cuddle, and talk. A situation is really what you make of it. However, may I say, movies are not romantic. Going to the movies offers no way to talk to your partner or connect.