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Avoid the SI Clarity Trick

Avoid the SI Clarity Trick

Know what you’re buying!

Running an engagement rings site you get a real good idea of what people’s main concerns are. First, above all is price, then usually how big to make the center diamond, then comes diamond clarity.

If you’re searching for an engagement ring online chances are you’ve been to quite a few sites. And chances are you’ve seen the infamous “SI” clarity. What does this mean? It means quite simply that the center diamond you will get will have a clarity ranking of either SI1, SI2, or SI3, and you will NOT get a choice on what it’s going to be.

Now, if you’re dealing with small side diamonds on your engagement ring band, having an “SI” clarity rating is not that big of deal. The diamonds are usually small enough that you can’t tell the difference.

However when you’re dealing with the difference between SI1, SI2, and SI3 clarity in the center diamond you better pay closer attention. At BloomingBeautyRing.com we have very clear definitions of what each clarity means.

What does each SI clarity grade mean?

  • SI1 – You will not see a single flaw with the naked eye. NONE!
  • SI2 – There’s a great chance you will see flaws with the naked eye.
  • SI3 – A SI3 graded diamond is nothing more than a glorified I1. You will see flaws with the naked eye! This particular grade is only recognized by the international grading labs, and not the worldwide respected labs of GIA, EGL-USA, and AGS.

What Clarity Grade should I buy?

If you don’t care about clarity so much than personally I would buy an I1 clarity center diamond. Since it costs less and is pretty much the same as a SI3. If clarity makes a difference to you than consider buying a SI1 clarity diamond. It’s the best value for your money! I’ll explain.

SI2 has the ability to show a flaws. Not big flaws, but flaws none the less. However when you buy a SI1 center diamond for your engagement ring, especially through BloomingBeautyRing.com, you will NOT see a single flaw. Why is that important? Well the next ranking after SI1 is VS2, VS1, VVS2, VVS1, and finally IF (internally flawless). No matter what, no diamond is absolutely perfect. If you use a microscope and magnify the image constantly you will eventually find a flaw. But who uses microscopes when you want your partner to show off her new engagement ring to her friends and be proud of it. When you buy a SI1 clarity diamond you will have no visible flaws to the naked eye. Same as if you buy a VS or VSS diamond. None of these clarities show flaws except under a microscope. So why pay the price of a VS or VVS diamond when the SI1 clarity is the same thing. If money is a concern, buying an SI1 diamond is definitely the best value for your dollar.

Avoid Shady Tactics

Back to the beginning. Many sites simply state “SI” as the clarity. My personal advice. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!! It’s a toss of the dice. There’s absolutely no reason why a diamond engagement ring retailer, on or off the internet, can’t be specific about the clarity. This type of tactic is used quite a bit, and quite frankly it’s sad and shady. In my opinion they put the “SI” clarity up there and try and make you think you are getting a great looking diamond for the price, and then end up giving you a SI3 diamond full of flaws. It happens more than you think with many places.


Buying an engagement ring is a major purchase! So do yourself a gigantic favor and avoid companies that use the evasive “SI” trick on the center diamond. Unless of course you don’t mind wasting your hard earned money. It’s not worth the hassle. And don’t worry about going higher than a SI1 clarity diamond. The SI1, VS, and VVS clarity all look the same when looking at them with your naked eye. Take a look at our enhanced diamond clarity chart to get a much better understanding of how clarities work and what to watch out for.